Chair Massage

"Is a short massage, anywhere from five to 30 minutes, done through the clothing. It typically focuses on key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms. A professional practitioner performs it in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair. They were originally referred to by its creator, David Palmer, as "on-site massage" since the massage chairs were portable and were usually brought into a workplace. However, this kind of onsite massage service is now more commonly referred to as simply "chair massage" and sometimes as "seated massage". - Eric G Brown -


Why you should consider the benefits of on site chair massage -

In terms of lost hours due to absenteeism, poor productivity and compensation benefits, *60-80% of industrial accidents are due to stress.

*Stress costs the job industry more than $300 billion annually or $7,500 per worker per year.

*Each compensation case costs employers and insurers an average of $73,270 for disability payments.

*8% of payroll costs are stress related, ie. absenteeism

*Job stress accounts for more than half the work days lost annually.

*Workers believe their companies are responsible for their stress and 82% of workers think that burnout victims deserve disability from their employers.

*One survey revealed that 34% of workers considered quitting their jobs because of stress.

*75-90% of all visits to primary-care physicians are for stress related disorders.

Media events featuring Tony Jackson

Body Work at Elements: Tony Jackson, Licensed Massage Therapist
Tony Jackson, CMT
Tony has been practicing massage therapy for over 16 years. He was certified at the Potomac Massage Training Institute and later returned to teach anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, as well as practical massage techniques. He is an expert in reflexology, Swedish, deep tissue sports massage, myofacial massage and is especially well known for Thai massage. He has gained a well rounded experience working at spas, wellness centers, fitness centers, and chiropractic offices over the years. Tony uses massage therapy to create peace to the mind, health to the body and freedom and joy to the soul. ~ elements - Fitness & Wellness Center


Nat’l Relaxation Day: Morning Massage Sometimes our in studio guests are more than welcomed– they are so badly needed! Say hello to Tony Jackson who stopped by the morning show today to talk about things you can do to relieve stress. He had me inhale and say “Ahhhh” on the exhale. Something so small really does help. Special thanks to Dr. Martina Washington and Ayo Handy-Kendi for joining us too. Oh and if you’re wondering why we’re doing this, today is National Relaxation Day. Check out the video from the morning show below!

National Relaxation Day - Aug. 15, 2011